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This has been another challenging year. Despite its difficulties we have continued to provide housing and support to many thousands of homeless and vulnerable people across the East Midlands and beyond.

We have done so with the support of many stakeholders, partners and members of the public and this is an appropriate time to say thank you: in this season for giving we are giving something back in recognition of that support.

So on our social media channels on each of the twelve days of Christmas, beginning on Boxing Day, we will be sharing the story of someone who has benefited from Framework’s help. Here we offer you the boxed set – all twelve stories in one place.

Some are written case studies, others are videos – including four films made specially to celebrate Framework’s 20th anniversary which we marked in 2021. We trust our stories of hope will bring you good cheer in these winter days:

  1. Kain’s life spiralled out of control after the loss of his best friend but thanks to our Housing First service he’s now making plans for a better future.
  2. Angela was helped to re-establish her independence after a mental breakdown.
  3. Scott found himself homeless when his life spiralled out of control. Now with his own flat, things are looking up.
  4. Sarah’s life was turned upside down at gunpoint. Now she’s rebuilding it with help from Housing First.
  5. When Jay lost her job, and she and her young daughter had to leave the family home, Framework helped her find a flat and new employment.
  6. With the help of our Housing First service Michael finally has the stable housing and intensive support he needs to deal with the trauma of multiple family bereavements and the chaos that followed.
  7. After a childhood in foster care, Reuben was supported by our Transitions South service for young people in Nottingham. From a young age he found escape from his difficulties on the football pitch and is using this passion as the starting point for his career.
  8. After the breakdown of relationships, we supported Sarah to rebuild her life.
  9. How Mick is finding a brighter future through helping others.
  10. In 2017 Rola and Emad fled war torn Syria and resettled in Newark. After witnessing the horrors of violence and bombing they were keen to make a new start with their family.
  11. When cannabis was taking over Ian’s life Framework helped him get clean and think positively about the future.
  12. Colin turned to alcohol and prescription drugs as a way of coping with grief. He couldn’t see a way out until his detox at The Level – Framework’s inpatient detox unit in Nottingham. There he met Framework support worker and former service user Mark who is using his own experience to help others

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and, as always, Thank You.