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Developing Homes. Investing in People. Transforming Lives.

Written by Claire Eden, Head of Fundraising and Communications

Since April 2021, our Building Better Futures appeal has been dedicated to developing 200 new homes for rough sleepers by April 2026. Thanks to our supporters’ generosity, we’ve made remarkable progress by building or redeveloping 167 homes so far.  

In the pursuit of creating a better future for those experiencing homelessness, our aim goes beyond just bricks and mortar, we want to provide wrap-around support to help restore hope, dignity, and stability to individuals like Daniel.

Daniel’s journey from despair to hope serves as a testament to the impact of your support. “I was depressed, living in a tent, and the weather was getting colder and colder. Now I’m sitting in my own rented flat, so I’m very grateful for the support,” Daniel shares, reflecting on the power of a safe and stable home.

Daniel’s Story

Framework service user

Through the generosity of our supporters, in 2023 we…  

  • Successfully redeveloped 29 units of accommodations
  • Provided intense tenancy support for 114 people who were rough sleeping.
  • Enabled 100 people to maintain their tenancies successfully, surpassing the national average success rate.

Since launching the appeal we’ve raised £1,830,764.34 to support our efforts to provide housing and support to people rough sleeping, but there’s still a long way to go to support people without a home in our community. 

Future Developments: 

  • 15 units of accommodation in Nottingham for Women  
  • 15 units of accommodation in Lincoln for Women and Men 
  • 18 units of accommodation in Nottingham for Men 
Artist rendered image of future building

In an economic landscape fraught with challenges, your support remains the cornerstone of our success. We need your help to continue building homes and providing wrap-around support for rough sleepers.