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About your rent

Your rent is made up of core rent and service charges. If you are in receipt of benefits or have a low income, you could qualify for Housing Benefit towards your core rent and service charges depending on eligibility.

You will need to apply for Housing Benefit via your local Housing Benefit Department. A Framework Support Worker will be able to help you do this. As you are living in Supported Housing, any Housing Benefit would be paid directly to us as your landlord.

If you aren’t entitled to Housing Benefit, for example because your income or capital is too high, or if you do not provide adequate evidence to support your Housing Benefit claim, you will need to arrange to pay your rent to Framework.

You should not claim housing costs through Universal Credit whilst living in Supported Housing.



How to pay your rent

You can pay your rent in the following ways:

  • By setting up a standing order from your bank account directly into Framework’s bank account. Your support service or Housing Officer can provide details and assist you to do this.
  • By paying cash directly to Framework staff, either at a Framework office or when you are visited at home.
  • By setting up a deduction directly from your benefits. Your support service or Housing Officer can provide details and help you to do this. Deductions can take a while to set up, so you will need to pay by another method until deductions are in place.
Housing at Framework


An ineligible service charge may also be included in your rent.  This charge covers the costs of providing personal services to you, such as your personal heating and lighting.  Ineligible service charges are not covered by Housing Benefit and you will need to arrange to pay them separately to us as your landlord.

Housing at Framework