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Michelle is the Assistant Manager of our Homeless Families Service

What attracted you to Framework?

“In 2006 my cousin worked at London Road and she encouraged me to apply, at the time I was working in a women’s refuge. We had a few referrals for women who had additional needs around managing alcohol and drug misuse.  Given that we didn’t have much need to provide this support at the time, it really interested me in working with service users with addictions. My cousin encouraged me to apply and  I got the job!”

What’s it like to work for Framework?

“I enjoy working for Framework and the work we do to support service users with various support needs.
My service is lovely to work in. Lovely families with children who break you hearts at times, just because children are resilient and adapt to change quicker than parents do with moving around from one temporary accommodation to another. No two days are the same, with giving support to families who require lots of support for different reasons, some families don’t require a lot of support and are waiting to find a permanent home. We are a small staff team, two support planners, one support worker and two night workers, and me.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I enjoy the responsibility of running a service over three buildings, I enjoy the challenge of wanting to support families to find permanent homes.”

What support and training have you received?

“I have worked with some excellent, supportive and encouraging managers and colleagues in my time who have supported me in and outside of work. Without them I don’t think I would be an Assistant manager today. But I believe everything happens for a reason. The belief that people have shown in me has made me recognise my own strengths and capabilities and also my weaknesses. I attend training that is specifically for assistant managers and also other training I feel may be beneficial to me and my role currently. Framework’s training programme is very good.”