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Floating Support Worker, Lincolnshire

Floating Support Worker

I work for Framework’s floating support team in East Lindsay. It is a quiet, rural place and the people we help are spread over a large area.

My job is to prevent homelessness and I usually work with people in rented accommodation who may have received a Section 21 notice to take possession of their home. This is often because they have fallen into debt or things have spiralled out of their control leaving them at risk.

I visit people in their homes to discuss how we can prevent their eviction, break the cycle of debt and homelessness, enable them to sustain their tenancy and hopefully get them to a better place.

You can spend weeks working with someone, getting to know them, and building a good working relationship.

It can be a challenging role because the people I work with are going through a very difficult period in their lives – they are in a crisis – so you have to spend time gaining their trust.

I love the fact that there is no typical day, and it’s the best feeling in the world when you hit that point with someone where you know you’ve gained their trust and been able to make a difference for them. That first smile or a look of hope on their face is all that is needed.
Sarah Floating Support Worker