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student placements


Training a generation of Social Work professionals

Framework is committed to contributing towards the training and development of the next generation of social work professionals.

We work in partnership with universities across the East Midlands and beyond, matching aspiring students to work placements in our services, which meet Social Work England’s Professional Standards and enable students to access the practical professional experience they need.

We are part of the D2N2 Teaching Partnership’s Social Work Academy of Excellence, which aims to help raise the quality of social work trainees and the teaching they receive.

Placement Provider

Why become a Placement Provider?

There are many benefits to supporting student placements in your organisation. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to keep up to date with best practice and to influence the development of the next generation of Social Workers.

How can my organisation become a Placement Provider?

Every Placement Provider needs to complete a mandatory ‘Quality Assurance for Practice Learning’ (QAPL) Audit. The QAPL audit tool has been created to ensure services have the proficiency to undertake student placements at several different levels.

To obtain a copy contact our Practice Learning Lead:

There will be a number of things you need to consider before becoming a Placement Provider. It is important that there will be enough face-to-face work available for the student and that they have a work-based Supervisor during their placement.

Our Practice Learning Lead will be able to advise you further on placement requirements and the considerations you will need to make.

Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

Employment and learning opportunities for newly qualified Social Workers

Our ASYE (Assessed & Supported Year in Employment) programme has been providing employment with professional learning and support to newly qualified Social Workers since 2013.

We work in partnership with Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire local authorities and we are endorsed Nationally by Skills for Care.

Our programme meets the requirements of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) a framework for social work practice and learning in England, and The Department of Health’s Knowledge and Skills Statement for Adult Social Work, which can be viewed here.

Our ASYE posts are advertised every year from September and can be viewed via our Careers page. Candidates are employed as ASYE Support Planners.

The role provides many opportunities for the practice of skilled social work. In addition, Framework provides 20% protected time for weekly development and training sessions, which take place every Friday.

For further information contact our ASYE Lead:


Our team can provide further advice and information and would be happy to meet with you to discuss placement options in more detail.

Placement Provider email:

ASYE email: