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Our staff are working tirelessly in challenging conditions to support our residents (and each other) through the Coronavirus crisis. Dave, our Senior Property Services Officer, is responsible for the upkeep of our accommodation. He took some time out of his day to answer some questions.

How has the Coronavirus impacted on you?

“Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus my life and normal way of living has changed so much. Last year my partner Liz had the devastating news that she had breast cancer. Liz Was diagnosed just before Easter 2019. She has had to have a mastectomy and has gone through a course of Chemotherapy and 3 weeks of Radiotherapy.

“Christmas Day was the first day in a long time we started to make a few plans for the following year (little but often was our motto). On Monday Liz was given the NHS text/letter to say she had to self-isolate for the next 12 weeks.

“Although we knew this may happen, when the message came it devastated her. To see Liz break down and cry was hard. All the little things we were going to do because we couldn’t do them last year really hit home. Liz described it as last year she was isolated due to her treatment, and now when she is just starting to feel human from the treatment – bang !! isolated again.”

How has the Coronavirus impacted your work?

“Due to the daily government changes, we have had to be proactive and react with the changes we have been faced. Contractors can now only cover emergency call out works, stock is limited with merchants closing or restricting access to certain things. Boilers breaking, leaks, repairs do not stop because of the Coronavirus, but the way we have to prioritise does.”

What have you done in response?

“One of the things that we have done is to divide the team into Team A and Team B – With team A being at work and team B working as best they can from home (which with the IT issue we had at the crucial point has been extremely difficult) I am team A, along with Anthony (Property Services Manager). I am also part of the Covid-19 response team. The rest of property services are working from home.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“I know how difficult a time it is for all involved. We also have to remember how extra difficult a time it is for those of us that have no home, no one close, no food, no one to call upon.”