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Our staff are working tirelessly in challenging conditions to support our residents (and each other) through the Coronavirus crisis. Debbie is the assistant manager of an accommodation service for homeless people in Lincolnshire. She took some time out of her day to answer some questions.

How has the Coronavirus impacted on you?

For me it has been a rollercoaster of emotions so far. I have been fortunate that I have not been ill or had to self-isolate so have spent my time continuing to work in the service and from home. It makes me proud to manage and support such a great staff team who have shown that during this difficult time they have continued to support each other.I am going to miss seeing my family especially my 3 gorgeous grandchildren but we have been facetiming daily and this makes me happy.

How has the Coronavirus impacted the service?

We have kept our service users informed of the latest updates regarding keeping safe, provided them with extra hand wash, posters in their flats with guidance to follow and staff are available to collect medications if necessary.

We have been extremely lucky to have received several donations from local businesses and this is given out to all service users on a daily basis. We have just cooked a huge turkey donated by the local food bank and staff are going to make a curry and a casserole for the days ahead and it’s nice to know they are at least getting some healthy food.

So far we have had no service users self-isolating or showing any symptoms but we continue to ensure we are all following guidelines to prevent this.

I do have some staff off but having a fairly big team means I still have sufficient cover in the service and staff working from home that are on standby to come in if needed.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’m trying to keep positive for those around me at home and at work and also making sure I look after my own wellbeing which we should all be doing during this difficult time.

Stay safe and look after each other.