Anna's Story

Anna lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic, and found herself homeless. Being provided with a mobile phone helped her to access support, and reconnect with family.

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Having a phone connected Anna to vital services and gave her hope for the future

Before sleeping rough, Anna never worried about having a roof over her head or having a safe place to sleep.

However, during the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown she was furloughed from her job at a local department store. A few months later as the recession deepened, she lost her job.

Although she had some savings, it was only just enough to last for a short period of time and eventually she was unable to pay her bills. Feeling trapped, unsure who to turn to and ashamed to ask for support, Anna isolated herself from her family and friends.

Eventually, mounting rent arrears, mobile phone and gas and electric bills meant that Anna was served with an eviction notice. Describing this as the lowest point of her life, Anna felt entirely responsible for what had happened and had no idea what support was available to her.

Anna was first discovered by Framework’s Street Outreach Team in mid-October 2021. She reported that she had been staying with strangers and sofa surfing for five months, before running out of options and being forced to sleep rough in Nottingham City Centre.

After an initial assessment, Framework’s Street Outreach Team began searching for somewhere for Anna to stay. In the meantime, Anna was provided with a mobile phone, enabling the Outreach Team to maintain contact with her and provide important updates, whilst also ensuring she was safe.

Since being rehoused, the mobile phone continues to be a lifeline for Anna, enabling her to reach out and reconnect with her family and friends. This step has been vital in helping Anna feel reconnected and hopeful for the future.

We are aiming to provide mobile phones and internet access for those we support as part of our Lifeline Appeal.  Please donate here if you can, and make a difference that could literally save the life of someone who is sleeping rough.