General questions

If you’re reading this page there’s a fair chance you want to join our team. That’s great news and we’re excited about hearing from you in the near future. In the meantime we realise you may have questions about us, about our recruitment process, and about your suitability to the role you are interested in. We hope these FAQs will help you.

  • What qualifications do I need?

    For some specialist roles certain qualifications are essential. For others they are just a nice to have. Fundamentally we are more interested in applicants’ personal qualities – their attitude, their motivation, and whether we think they’d make a good addition to our team. If you are applying for a specific role, any essential qualifications will be marked “E” in the Person Specification document.

  • What skills do you look for?

    Everyone has skills. Some are linked to directly to their qualifications. Others are gained by years of work and life experience. If you’re applying for a specific role then its accompanying Person Specification will tell you more, but there are some things we always look for. Fundamentally we want to employ people who are good with people, who are empathetic and are resilient to the challenges of working with vulnerable, often challenging people.



  • What rewards and benefits do you offer?

    When you start your career with Framework you get a lot more in return than just your monthly salary. We want to support and develop you to be the best employee you can be – in and out of the workplace. That’s why we offer a wide range of rewards and benefits to all our staff – from generous annual leave and pension provision to flexible working and comprehensive training. Learn more here.

  • I have a disability. Will this affect my chances of employment?

    No. We are a Disability Confident Level 3 Leader. That means we are recognised as a progressive employer in recruiting and retaining staff with disabilities. We make every effort possible to recruit people with disabilities and will adapt where possible to support applicants with additional needs. To learn more please check out our Disability Confident page.

  • I have a criminal record. Can I still apply?

    Yes. There are certain roles where this may be a problem and each case will be judged on its merits, but in general we are very open to employing people with criminal records. On your application form you will be asked to disclose any criminal record and this is your opportunity to inform us at this stage of something we may need to know. Disclosing this information at this point will not impede your application.

    Depending on the role you apply for, you may be required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously known as a CRB check.) Should this show any criminal record we will review this n a case by case basis in relation to the role you will be performing.

Applying for a job

We want you to put in the best application form possible – one that will tell us all we need to know about you, your experience, and why you want to work for us. We hope the following FAQs will help you to do this.

  • How do I apply for a job with Framework?

    Like many employers we use an on-line application form. Once you have set up an account with us, you will have access to all current and previous applications you have submitted. Your personal details will be saved, so if you apply for another job, you only have to complete certain fields again. You are also able to part save applications, so you can return to them at a later date: if you have any of these, you will also receive an email reminder three days before the closing date to remind you that your application form has still not been submitted for this job.

    In line with GDPR regulations all position application details will be deleted six months after the closing date of the position so if you have applied for a position longer than six months ago you will not be able to access your old application form.

  • What should I consider before submitting my application?

    Before submitting an on-line application please ensure you have read and understood our application guidance notes, which tell you more about the things you need to do to make a successful application. LINK TO APPLICATION GUIDANCE.

  • I have submitted my application form. When should I expect to hear from you?

    Following our recruitment procedures Managers shortlist positions after the closing date therefore it may be up to two weeks after the closing date that you are invited to interview should you be successful in being shortlisted. Should you not here from us after two weeks then you have not been successful on this occasion, however don’t let this discourage you from applying again. We have a wide range of job opportunities available at Framework so if you were not successful on this occasion there may be other positions where your skills are more closely aligned.

  • I have set up an account but have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    If you wish to view your current applications or want to apply for another position then you will need to use the same username and password you used when you created your account in order to access your information.
    When you go click on ‘My applications’ or click on ‘Apply’ next to a job advert you will be redirected to a screen where you will be asked for your username and password. Underneath these boxes in bold is written ‘Forgotten your password?’ If you click on this the system will take you to a screen which asks for more information such as email address and your full name. It can then find you on our recruitment system and send a password reset email to your email address. You will need to supply the same email address that you used when you set up your account.

Preparing for an interview

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. We understand that but want to do everything we can to give you the best possible chance. We are excited about meeting you and really want you to do well. We hope the following questions will help you to prepare and set you at ease.


  • What should I expect at interview?

    This depends on the level of the position and who is conducting the interview. Most of our positions are recruited via a panel interview. This means that you will be interviewed by more than one person. This can be two to four people. They will ask you questions about your work experience as well as some that are specific to the position you have applied for. You should look through the job description and person specification before your interview to help you prepare for any questions you may be asked.

    Some positions require a basic Maths and English test. For more senior positions you may be asked to take part in a work based assessment or ‘in tray’ exercise. These are based on the type of position that you have applied for and may include examples of what you could experience should you be successfully appointed.
    All of this will be detailed in your invite to interview letter. This letter will state the time and date of the interview and where the interview will take place. It may also include details of who you will need to ask for upon arrival and who will be interviewing you.

  • What should I wear to an interview?

    Most of our services, as well as our central office operate a casual/smart dress policy however at interview it is expected that our prospective employees dress in smart business dress. Your interview is your opportunity to make a good impression on your future employer/manager however it is also important for you to feel confident and comfortable. Wear something that you have worn before so you know how it feels and don’t have any itchy labels or feel restricted in your movement.

    A good rule is for a shirt or blouse with smart trousers. You may also like to wear a jacket or smart coat just in case the room you’re being interviewed in is cold.
    Stick to simple basics so that the interviewer can focus on you and not on what you’re wearing.

  • What do I need to bring with me to an interview?

    In your invite to interview letter it will state if there is anything you will need to bring with you.
    You will be asked to provide a Right To Work document. The documents that are accepted for this check will be detailed in your invite to interview letter.
    You may wish to take a notepad and pen to make any notes or to write down any questions you may have for your interviewer.

    You may wish to ask questions in regards to the hours of work/rota if applicable, how many other people are being interviewed or when you will know the outcome.

    Interviews are a two way process and it is usual for the interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. This is your opportunity to ask anything that may be unclear so be prepared and have some ready. The worst thing you can do is say nothing.

  • What pre-employment checks will you carry out?

    Due to the nature of the work there are some comprehensive pre-employment checks that we must complete. These include obtaining two references (one of which MUST be your current or most recent employer). You may be asked to complete a DBS (previously known as a CRB) depending on the position you have applied for.

    We use an external provider to process our DBS checks. You will need to complete an online application and then show three pieces of original identification documentation to one of our DBS checkers. An email will be sent to you instructing you on what you need to do.
    Unfortunately we have no control over the length of time a DBS check can take. Some can come through within days, whereas others may take over a month. It is dependent on the number of addresses you may have held and places you have lived. Part of the DBS process is a check by the local Police Force as well as the Central Records. When the DBS process is complete you will receive a DBS certificate. This is yours to keep but we may need to see this to confirm receipt.
    We also ask for you to complete a Health Questionnaire prior to employment to ensure we are aware of any health conditions.

    As part of the recruitment process, once you have been offered a position, you will be asked to complete a number of forms. This can be quite time consuming however these are all necessary in ensuring we have all of the information needed to put you onto the HR and Payroll system, inform HMRC and also confirm if you wish to be in the pension.
    Should you need support or guidance in completing these both your Line Manager and our HR Transactional team are on hand to help.

Prepare for your interview by learning more