How we match students to placements

Thank you for your interest in our student placement process. The following list explains how we match students to placements:

  • The university provides Framework’s Student Placement Coordination Service with a student profile
  • Appropriate placements are identified by the student placement coordinator
  • The student’s profile is then sent to the potential placement provider
  • Provider arranges a meeting with student via the student placement coordinator
  • Student undertakes a pre-placement visit
  • Provider confirms placement and allocates an onsite supervisor or requests a freelance one through the Student Placement Coordination Service
  • Student placement coordinator confirms placement with the students university
  • If required the student placement coordinator can provide placement training and a briefing session for the placement provider
  • If required student placement coordinator will employ a practice educator to work with the student. The student placement coordinator will share contact details with everyone involved.
  • When available the student placement coordinator will provide placement providers with university placement documentation
  • Placement starts on an agreed date.

On a small number of occasions a student’s placement may not be confirmed after the pre-placement visit, this may be due to a conflict of interest or finding that the placement will not meet the student’s needs. The student placement coordinator will start the process again and look for another appropriate placement.

Students may contact Framework’s Placement Coordination Service directly and the Student Placement Coordinator will contact their university before progressing with the placement process.