Helping homeless people off the streets

Our Street Outreach teams work to support homeless people sleeping rough. We work in the early hours of every morning to find people who need our help, build relationships with them and, ultimately, get them off the streets and towards safety.

This work is not easy and is often complicated by the increasingly complex needs of rough sleepers who – in addition to being homeless – often have very profound mental and physical health problems, addictions, and other barriers to housing such as offending histories.

We build relationships with rough sleepers and advocate on their behalf to ensure they have the help and support they need.

Working in partnership

We work with an on behalf of local government to respond to rough sleepers and advocate on their behalf. We also work in partnership with other agencies like the police, NHS and service to monitor and respond to people in crisis. Our ambition is to get people off the streets in the short term and empower them to live independently in the long term.

Our services

We provide street outreach services in the following locations.

Do you need help or know someone who does?