Adding to quality of life

Our support and care services add to people’s quality of life, nurturing confidence, building self-esteem and engaging people as part of a community, because this makes us all stronger. To this end we operate a wide range of innovative and responsive services that support people with a wide range of problems.

Services that make us all stronger

The services we provide help a wide range of people in our communities – from those who are homeless and in crisis to others who could simply do with a little extra help. They include:

Homeless Outreach

Our Street Outreach teams work to support people sleeping rough. We work in the early hours of the morning to find people in need of support and build relationships with them. Ultimately we work to get them off the street and towards safety.

Complex Needs Support

We support people with complex needs, combinations of homelessness, substance abuse, mental ill-health and offending behaviour. We help them to address the challenges they face and engage with society.

Family Mentoring

We support parents, children and wider families to thrive to thrive in our communities. Our Family Mentors use their own parenting experiences to help local mums, dads and granddads to raise babies and toddlers.


Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness devastates people’s lives. That’s why support people to remain in their homes, find alternative accommodation and thrive in their own tenancies.

Residential and Nursing Care

We provide residential care and nursing services to people whose history of alcohol abuse makes them unsuitable for more traditional care environments – giving them choice and empowering them to live with dignity.