“Here at Framework, I feel like I’ve really achieved something"

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“Here at Framework, I feel like I’ve really achieved something”

“I’ve done 38 years at the Red Cross, and when someone comes to you there, nine times out of ten you can tell what’s wrong with them, it’s completely different here, you can’t always see what’s going on with people and you don’t know what they’ve been through.

“I do two days a week at London Road. When I get in I’ll check my emails and there’s usually a shift hand over where we chat about what’s been going on. I might check the laundry room, clean the filters etc before people go in.

“For the rest of the day I could sit with people for phone calls, take them over to the Friary where they can pick bits out for new accommodation, deliver donations to different buildings or go shopping for the tuck shop – there’s always something to do.

“I like working at Framework, I feel so accepted, the staff are great and it’s nice knowing that you’re not taking a job away from someone by volunteering. I do this because I want to give something back to society but there but the social life is great as well!

“It’s nice to make a difference to people’s lives, you can’t win them all but it’s great when you see them out and about after they’ve moved on, it makes it all worthwhile.”