Kay has been blind since childhood. She is also a well-known and popular Framework volunteer,

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“I remember a feeling, not of pride, but achievement”

“I’ve had many roles over the years… For a while I worked in admin and Framework really went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed to be able to carry out my job; they even got me a larger monitor!

“I’m supervising volunteers for Mansfield and Ashfield; doing this means that staff are free to concentrate on their core work. Despite being in the background I still get to see the
volunteers grow in confidence and watch how this impacts on the people they’re working with.

“I’ll never forget the person I helped one afternoon; he’d just got out of prison and together we managed to sort out things like his benefits and accommodation. The people we work with often can’t believe that someone would give up their free time for them. I remember a feeling, not of pride, but achievement; I was just so pleased that I’d made such a difference to someone.”