Why leave a gift in your will?

Making informed, carefully-planned decisions regarding a Will is important. It is the difference between ensuring that your assets are effective in protecting the people and causes you most care about and not.

Understanding and creating a Will can seem complicated but members of the team at Framework and supportive legal partners are here to provide support.

Why we left a gift

Leaving a gift in our will is an ethical decision. We’ve given our time over the years to help others, so why not continue that support after we’re gone of a charity we trust? As long as you’ve considered the rest of the family then it’s quite right to leave something. We have seen Framework make a difference over many years. Being part of that is something we feel very strongly about.

Julia and Peter

Talk to us about your will

Making any changes to your will is an important decision, and not one we’d want anyone to rush into. So, if you are thinking of supporting us in your will we would love to meet with you in person to talk it through and answer any questions you may have.

To order a full Wills Brochure, request a meeting or to simply find out more; contact us on 0115 970 9558 or email matt.cooke@frameworkha.org

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