Things to consider

To become a placement provider you must first consider:

  • Would there be enough direct face-to-face work available for a student?
  • Is your organisation committed to working in an anti-oppressive way and experienced in doing so?
  • Is your organisation committed to active user involvement and formal and informal feedback?
  • Would your organisation be able to offer students the chance to cover all the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) on the Practice Curriculum?
  • Would someone within your organisation be able to act as work-based supervisor and or a Practice Educator and prioritise the student’s workload during a placement? (For those who do not have an on-site Practice Educator a freelance educator will be organised by the Practice Learning Team).
  • Are your team committed to having a student and would they be prepared to participate in and contribute to their learning?
  • Would you be able to offer a student the opportunity to undertake a piece of work?
  • Does your organisation work in line with the HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics?

If you are interesting in becoming a placement provider you will need to complete a mandatory ‘Quality Assurance for Practice Learning’ (QAPL) Audit.

The QAPL audit tool has been created to ensure services have the proficiency to undertake student placements at a variety of different levels.

To obtain a copy please email the student placement coordinators or