What is ASYE and how is Framework involved?

Our ASYE program opened its doors to newly qualified social workers in 2013 and it continues to run successfully to this day.

The 20% protected time provided by Framework has enabled us to provide a year-long program of development and training sessions which take place every Friday.

This has been a consistent aspect of the ASYE and is something that each group of NQSW’s, when being consulted at the end of each year, has found to be positive for their professional and personal development as social workers.

In order to build on our commitment to social work education we rolled out an ASYE programme in 2013, dedicated to providing quality learning and professional support. The programme is aligned nationally to the Professional Capabilities Framework the Department of Health Knowledge and Skills Statement for Adult Social Work.

It is run in partnership with Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire local authorities and is endorsed Nationally by Skills for Care.

How the programme works

Candidates will be employed as an ASYE Support Planner. This will be a role that will provide many opportunities for skilful social work to be undertaken. 20% of candidates’ overall employment will be dedicated to ASYE study and development.

Framework’s ASYE programme will offer:

  • Action learning sets
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Reflective supervision with a qualified social work mentor
  • Joint training opportunities with statutory sector ASYE candidates
  • Peer support and evaluation
  • E-Learning
  • Access to resources

In return we are looking for candidates who are HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council) registered; committed to working in the voluntary sector; and who recognise the benefits this opportunity will bring to their career development.

ASYE Posts are advertised from September each year on the jobs page of our website.

For further information please contact;
Pam Abbott, ASYE Lead, pam.abbott@Frameworkha.org