Promoting physical and emotional wellbeing

We offer a range of different health and clinical services to a wide range of different people,  from specialist drug and alcohol treatment to mental health support. We provide these services because we know that physical and emotional well-being our central to people living stable, independent and fulfilling lives in our communities.

Colin and Mark’s Story

At The Level, Framework’s inpatient detox centre in Nottingham, Colin has been battling his addiction with help from Mark who is using his own experience to help others.

Meeting people’s individual needs

We aim to provide networks of interlinking services capable of supporting people with a wide range often overlapping physical and mental health challenges.

They include:

Drug treatment support and counselling

Our drug services empower people to change their relationship with harmful substances  by managing and overcoming their addictions.

Alcohol treatment support and counselling

Our alcohol treatment services empower people to change their relationship with alcohol  by reducing the amount they drink or quitting drinking altogether.

Drug and alcohol awareness training

We have considerable knowledge and expertise about drug and alcohol abuse and are able to pass this on to individuals and organisations in bespoke training sessions.

Criminal Justice substance misuse treatment

We work in partnership with the Criminal Justice System to support former offenders to change their relationship with drugs and alcohol. In so dong we are removing a primary cause of their offending behaviour.

Alcohol detoxification

We provide medicated detoxification services (by referral only) to people who are addicted to alcohol. We support them in the crucial early stages of their recovery before signposting them on to other support services.

Mental Health Support

We provide a range of support and accommodation services for people living with a range of mental health problems. Our work is about empowering them to live independently in our communities.

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