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Recognising that mental health issues can affect us all, Nottingham’s Mental Health Awareness Weeks event has been taking place in the city since 1992 with the aim of reducing stigma and ignorance and promoting greater understanding.

This year’s 30th anniversary event takes place from Monday 10 October (World Mental Health Day) until Friday 21 October with more than 20 events taking place at a variety of locations across the city including the Broadway Cinema, St Anns Allotments, Beeston Resource Centre, Cafe Sobar and Windmill Community Gardens, as well as online.

The programme involves a wide variety of groups including Framework, Notts in Mind, Trent Bridge Community Trust, Forget-Me-Not dementia group, Growing Forwards, Improving Lives, Music Jam, Bipolar Lift, Nature in Mind, Ecoworks and the Menopause Cafe.

The launch event, hosted by Framework, takes place at the Broadway Cinema on Monday 10 October with a special screening of Terry Gilliam’s film ‘The Fisher King’ which was chosen for its linked themes of trauma, mental ill-health and homelessness. This is preceded by refreshments from 4.30pm and an opening speech at 5.35pm from Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome followed by a short film commissioned by Framework telling the story of service user Michael’s battles with mental ill health.

Full programme details and booking information can be found on the event website

Pam Abbott, who has been involved for the last 19 years and is now Chair and Coordinator of Mental Health Awareness Weeks (MHAW), says:

“Mental Health Awareness Weeks was started in Nottingham in 1992 by a small group of people with lived experience and carers, timed to include the very first World Mental Health Day which continues to take place 10 October.

“Today the importance of mental health is a mainstream issue in the public consciousness as never before. Like all its predecessors our 30th anniversary event aims to be informative and friendly, and everyone is welcome to take part. Most of the events are free.

“Thank you to around 70 organisations and individuals who have contributed to this year’s programme, and to all who have been involved in Mental Health Awareness Weeks over the past 30 years. There has been fun, laughter, and not a few tears! We have been given the opportunity to attend so many innovative and creative events that touched the lives of us all and continue to do so.

“We must never forget the wonderful friendships and connections that have been forged in both love and, at times, adversity. The event is held in memory of Rosemary Renouf, Gladys Bombeck and Glenis Brocklebank who organised the first MHAW, as legend has it, in a cupboard under the stairs!! They were powerful advocates of human rights as well as fabulous human beings. Their memories live on!”

To find out more please read an interview just published by Left Lion.

To get tickets for Monday’s opening event go here.