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Is Framework a well run organisation?

Chris Senior, Communications and PR Manager

Framework’s mission is to tackle homelessness, ill-health, disadvantage and exclusion.

How does anyone know if we are doing this job effectively?

Our colleagues in frontline services go above and beyond every day to deliver what can be life-changing and sometimes life-saving support to people in need. Their work contributes to the delivery of contracts with a variety of public bodies including local authorities, health agencies and the Department for Work and Pensions who all monitor performance in delivering specified outputs and outcomes.

In addition, formal measures and assessments of whether Framework is a well-run organisation are provided by many different agencies who regulate and scrutinise our work including:

• the Charity Commission which is concerned that as a registered charity (no. 1060941) we are fulfilling our charitable purpose and meeting the requirements of charity law
Ofsted which scrutinises the operation of our services for young people
• the Care Quality Commission which oversees the work of our registered care home Edwin House in Nottingham for people with chronic alcohol and drug dependency.

Framework is also a Registered Provider (RP) of social housing (no. LH4184), providing accommodation to more than 1,300 homeless people at any one time – across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and elsewhere in the East Midlands.

As an RP we are subject to the requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) – a ‘primary’ regulator who oversees the whole organisation. And so, as a provider with more than 1,000 units of accommodation, the Regulator regularly conducts a formal In Depth Assessment (IDA) of our capacity to deliver our services.

The Regulator recently conducted its latest IDA and, as a result, maintained its G1/V2 rating of Framework.

G1 – the highest grade available, relates to our governance – our Board’s oversight of how the organisation is run and the risks that we have to manage.

V2 – relates to Framework’s financial viability and indicates that we are compliant with the RSH’s standards but must carefully manage the risks to our finances. It’s the best grade we can achieve due to the nature of what we do: risk is inherent in all the contracts we deliver due to their tight margins and the organisation only makes a very modest surplus each year.

Read the judgement in full.