The Board

Framework’s Board governs and oversees the work of the organisation, by setting its Mission, Corporate Objectives and Values. The Board ensures that we keep our service users and the communities in which they live, at the heart of our plans.

The Board is committed to providing high quality governance and to support this has adopted the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance which makes recommendations for best practice.  The Board reviews its governance systems annually through self-assessment with this code, and against regulatory standards informing statements of compliance that accompany the statutory accounts.

Board members are selected and appointed to possess a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience enabling them collectively to fulfil the duties of the Board.  These include the development and delivery of strategy, the management finances and risk and the monitoring of performance.  The Board strives to operate with integrity, openness and accountability, supported by a Code of Conduct that also applies to staff and volunteers.

There is regular service user representation at Board Meetings through the attendance of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Service User Advisory Group.  This enhances the influence and contribution of service users at a strategic level, and is complemented by service user involvement at other levels.  Board Members carry out service visits to enhance their knowledge of the work being done on the ground, and meet directly with service users to gain better understanding of their views and priorities.

Periodically, the Board reviews the balance of attributes in its composition, taking into account the need for equality, diversity and inclusion.  Any identified gaps in skills, knowledge or experience are filled by recruitment and/ or training.  To ensure inclusiveness, adjustments can be made to facilitate involvement of Board and Committee members who face barriers to their participation.

Details of current Board members can be found here. (This will include photo and details including committee membership, time served on the board and experience etc. this will also include SUAG chair and vice chair).

A copy of the Declarations of Interest made by Board Members can be found here.

Board Committees

Framework’s Board has established two Committees to which some its work is delegated.  These are:

Governance, Remuneration and Appraisal Committee (GRA)

This Committee is focused on Framework’s governance arrangements.  It reviews and develops our governance policies, systems and processes.  It oversees the development of Board Members through skills audits, recruitment, training, development and appraisals.  It ensures that appropriate procedures exist to set the remuneration of our staff members.  This Committee meets at a minimum of twice a year and has the following membership:

Debbie Maitland – Chair

Tim Gallimore

Catherine Arkley

Jane Geraghty

Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARM)

This Committee is focused on the arrangements that exist to manage the risks to Framework’s objectives and audit the systems and processes that underpin them.  The Committee’s responsibilities include the appointment of our internal and external auditors who also report directly to it on the delivery of their programmes.  There is a strong focus on periodic review of the risk register and heat map in the context of the risk appetite set by the Board, with provision for onward reporting to the Board of any areas that require action.  The Committee also deals with the annual review of internal controls to inform the statement of assurance that accompanies the statutory accounts.

The Committee meets at a minimum of four times per year and is required to have a member with recent and relevant financial experience.  It has the following members:

Ruth Hawkins (Chair)

Nigel Turner

Carrie McNabb

Louise Harris

Both the GRA Committee and the ARM Committee report regularly on their activities to the Board.