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Ending homelessness by tackling
rough sleeping

Prevention – Support – Resettlement

Britain is entering the deepest recession since economic records began. The future is uncertain for hundreds of thousands of people and many more face the threat of losing their jobs and potentially their homes.

Rough sleeping – the most visible and devastating form of homelessness – is on the rise: this winter more people will endure the danger and indignity of sleeping rough on the streets, many of them for the first time.

What is the Homeless to Home appeal about?

Our Appeal is about Framework’s role in supporting people on their personal journey from ‘homeless to home’ – changing and saving lives. We urgently need support for our work preventing rough sleeping, supporting rough sleepers, and resettling them into long term secure accommodation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic our income has decreased but expenditure is rising and the demand for our services has never been higher. We urgently need your support to enable us to continue responding effectively to the challenges presented by the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

How does Framework help?

Preventing homelessness. Prevention is the most effective way to help someone avoid homelessness and ultimately rough sleeping. Our community-based services support people living in their own homes who, for all kinds of reasons, could be at risk of homelessness and rough sleeping. Framework also offers a wide range of supported accommodation services without which many more people would be at risk this winter.

Supporting rough sleepers. Our approach is to gain the trust of people sleeping on the street and work with them to address the problems that led them to become homeless in the first place. Due to the coronavirus pandemic our outreach teams are seeing increasing numbers of newly homeless people experiencing life on the street for the first time.

Resettling people into suitable accommodation. Our staff work closely with people who are homeless or may have been sleeping rough, providing intensive wrap-around support to secure their tenancies. Continuing support equips people with the skills and extra help needed to maintain their homes and live stable independent lives.

Donate now to help us end homelessness
by tackling rough sleeping

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How you can help

Where your money goes

We use your money to help people on your behalf.  Here are some examples of how we many spend typical donations:

  • £25 to fund a personal development session that supports someone into sustainable employment
  • £50 to provide a mental health support session with Framework’s clinical psychologist to help someone deal with trauma
  • £100 to help fund the cost of Framework’s specialist services that enable a rough sleeper to tackle entrenched issues to sustaining accommodation
  • £250 to provide a homeless person with the goods they need to move into their first home such as recycled white goods, kitchen equipment, eating utensils and cleaning products.

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