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Help us tackle a new emergency

The impact of the pandemic on homeless and vulnerable people has been significant. It is continuing. And a new emergency is looming.

The response to our appeal in the Spring ensured emergency arrangements were in place to support people during the lockdown.  To those who contributed, thank you.

The national lockdown may be over but the pandemic’s challenges to homeless and vulnerable people remain: fear of infection has increased isolation and anxiety, with negative impacts on mental health problems and greater risk of alcohol and drug abuse.

And, as the impact of the pandemic on the economy begins to be felt, a new emergency is looming with more people at risk of homelessness through unemployment, rent arrears and other financial difficulties. Already there is evidence of a rise in the number of rough sleepers with many rough sleeping for the first time.

Help us provide a lifeline to those already homeless and the growing number now at risk of homelessness. Please donate today.