How we help

We support more than 18,000 people a year across the East Midlands and Sheffield, providing a network of interlinking services that have the potential to change and even save people’s lives.

  • We give support and advice to people facing homelessness
  • We help people off the streets
  • We house people who are homeless and support them to move on to independent accommodation
  • We support people to address their addictions and to improve their mental and physical heath
  • We empower disadvantaged and excluded people to learn new skills and find employment

Our work in numbers

Every person we help is different, with their own challenges and aspirations for the future.





*Figures from 2022/23

Our vision


people were housed including 665 rough sleepers


people were helped by specialist drug, alcohol and mental health services


people were helped by education, training, volunteering and employment services


people were supported in the community

Our work

We provide a network of services in four main areas – providing a safety net for some and for others a platform for change.


We house people who are homeless and support them to address their problems


We support people with a range of health challenges – from substance addiction to mental ill-health.


We empower people to learn new skills and enter the work of work

Support and care

We support people address problems in their lives – nurturing confidence and building self-esteem

Where your money goes

We use your money to help people on your behalf. Here are some examples of how me may spend typical donation amounts.

  • £5
    Gets somebody to a medical appointment – helping them stay well
  • £20
    Helps us take a homeless person out of the cold and into shelter
  • £50
    Buys a pack of essential items for somebody moving into a new home
  • Donate

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