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I took on the role as Framework’s Head of Fundraising and Communications slap bang in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Not particularly auspicious timing but I’ve always relished a challenge. And challenging it has been. Charities, businesses, supporters, individuals – we have all had to reassess how we do things, how we communicate, how we speak to each other, and think again about what we value.

Framework, much like other charities, went digital, big time and fast, rapidly mobilising our first ever virtual challenge event. The event was a success and is now a fixture in our annual calendar.

What we have been unable to do for a long time is meet our supporters in person and invite them to mass participation fundraising events. Fortunately, at the time of publishing this blog, this is now behind us. Charities across the country are gearing up to welcome people back. Framework is no exception. For many years we have held a Big Sleep Out – an event held in the winter months to highlight the issue of rough sleeping and to raise much-needed funds to help us deliver our Street Outreach Services.

I must confess that although I have worked for Framework for 27 years, I have never been to the Big Sleep Out and now I find myself leading the delivery of what I hope and expect to be our biggest and best Big Sleep Out ever.

When thinking about the sort of event I would want to attend I knew that I wanted it to be exciting, lively, energetic, deliver something for the whole family and, most importantly, be fun.  I don’t believe we need to suffer to raise money; I think we should be joyous and thankful that we do not find ourselves sleeping on the streets. Instead, we should do everything we can to raise as much as we can to end homelessness and tackle rough sleeping.

I wanted to go to a festival.

I wanted live music.

I wanted fantastic street food.

I wanted my children to be entertained.

I wanted a silent disco.

I wanted a boutique camping option! (I always buy boutique camping when at a festival and I didn’t see why this should be any different!)

I wanted to go to Framework’s Best Ever Big Sleep Out and I hope you will want to as well – either as a friendship group, community group or work team.  Get excited about everything that’s on offer here: