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The steep rise in the cost of living in recent months is at the forefront of public consciousness and is a huge challenge for millions of people. 

One of the measures introduced by the government to help the working poor and unemployed is the Energy Bills Support Scheme which provides a £400 non-repayable discount to help with their energy bills over the coming winter. However, as this is not means tested it will be given to everyone irrespective of need.

The discount is paid automatically by energy suppliers directly into your bank account.

The discount will be applied for six months starting in October 2022:

  • £66 in October and November
  • £67 in December, January, February and March.

The discount is distributed monthly, even if bill payment is quarterly or a payment card is used and applies to people who have pre-payment meters as well as the 1% of the population who live on a houseboat, parkhome or off the grid.  Full details are available on the government website.

Make a donation

There is no doubt that for millions of people this £400 contribution to much increased fuel costs is very welcome even though it does not solve the financial pressures they are under.  However, for many other people this universal largesse is not necessary and, as with pensioners’ Winter Fuel Allowance, some people would prefer the funds were used to support people in need.

If this applies to you please consider donating some or all of your energy rebate – as much as you can comfortably afford – to Framework following the example of Baroness Ruth Lister of Burtersett, one of our generous regular donors. Baroness Lister says:


“Some of us don’t need the energy rebate as much as others do. I am therefore keen to put the money to good use by supporting a local charity such as Framework. I know they’ll put the money to good use supporting homeless people and helping to prevent homelessness. I hope others will join me.”




All funds donated will be used to support our work with homeless and vulnerable people across the East Midlands – adding value to work funded from statutory sources and helping people to move on in their lives.

Whether you wish to make a single donation or set up a regular gift please click the button below. At the top of the donation form please remember to click the relevant box to indicate whether you plan to make a single or monthly donation.