Sharewear pop-up for Framework

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Having suitable clothing is something many of us take for granted. While conversations about the increasing cost of living tend to focus on food and heating, many forget about another necessity: clothing.   

The issue goes far beyond a warm coat in winter or a smart outfit suitable for a job interview. A lack of appropriate clothing can prevent the people we support from everyday activities which support their physical and mental health. From a walk in the park to attending social gatherings or accessing support services. This can contribute to feelings of isolation and erode self-esteem. 

Everyone has right to clothing. For the past three years, Framework has partnered with the charity Sharewear to help empower the people who use our services through access to the clothing they need. 

“Sharewear literally puts the shirt on the back of so many people we support. When you have nothing, this service provides a change in a different way – it has such an impact on how people feel.” 

Jayne Deakin, Service Manager for Framework’s service for women with complex needs.  

is a Nottingham based charity tackling both clothing poverty and clothing waste. They take donations of pre-loved clothing and bedding from the public and work with retailers to save items from landfill. These are distributed to anyone who needs them free of charge across the East Midlands and beyond.

“I’ve found so much today – coats, summer dresses, jeans, tops.

This winter has been so long, hard and cold. Having these clothes now gives me something to look forward to.

I would never have been able to buy these for myself because of the cost of living crisis.

This is going to give me so much confidence!

I’m leaving today with a smile on my face.”

– Charmaine, a visitor to our mobile Sharewear pop-up event for residents in Framework accommodation and people who use Framework support services.



Our partnership works in two ways. They provide bulk deliveries of the types of clothing our services require frequently. We also refer people to Sharewear, allowing them to browse the rails and choose items they like that make them feel more like themselves.  

“My child is constantly growing and without Sharewear helping me out I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the cost of living rising”. 

Ella, a mother supported by our Young Parent Service.

Sharewear has helped people across all of Framework’s services. This includes people living in our supported housing services to people sleeping rough; people being supported into work or training by our employment services; and families accessing our services in the community. 

David visiting our mobile Sharewear event

“I’ve needed a jacket for a long time to keep me warm when I go out on my mobility scooter but could never afford one.

When I moved into the hostel I barely had any clothes having spent time on the streets, but now I have some more options I’ll be able to go out more.

Having nice clothes to choose from will help make me feel better and give me more confidence. I’ll also be able to access other services more easily now, helping me to get back on my feet.

I’m looking forward to getting out and about now!”

– David, a visitor to our mobile Sharewear pop-up event for residents in Framework accommodation and people who use Framework support services. 


This Clothing Poverty Awareness Week, we’d like to say a huge Thank You to our friends at Sharewear for helping all those who Framework supports to achieve independence through the power of clothing.   

If you have any quality pre-loved clothing you no longer wear, you can find details on donating to Sharewear here.