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Our staff are working tirelessly in challenging conditions to support our residents (and each other) through the Coronavirus crisis. Sean is is an housing officer managing properties for vulnerable people. He took some time out of his day to answer some questions.

How has the Coronavirus impacted you?

Like everyone else I am having to adjust to the lockdown with my wife working from home, trying to home school our 8-year-old son and keeping him occupied whilst fending off his questions about when it’s going to end! He is missing having cuddles with his Nana but he is having make do with the daily WhatsApp video calls. I have really missed seeing my friends and having face to face chats and hugging my kids – especially my two grandkids who are in lockdown on the east coast at Chapel.

How has the Coronavirus impacted your work?

After a week of working from home, I received a phone call to say I was being redeployed to The Outram Street hostel for homeless young people. Things happened really quickly. A shadow shift followed the very next day. Then I was informed that I was going to be there full-time and I was going on the rota!! Oh My Gosh… I hadn’t worked shifts this century, so it was a shock to my system!!

We slotted easily into the resilient, funny, biscuit loving hostel team and all my years of working with young people came flooding back to me and I found it really easy to get on with the young people. I have crafted the cleaning art in my pink marigold gloves!! I just want to say a massive thank you to the Outram Street crew who have taken to me warts and all. They are a credit to Framework. To see how compassionately they deal with the young people is incredible and to be honest quite emotional.

Anything else you’d like to add?

One thing I have really noticed is that our local community I have come together amazing in this unprecedented time!! I will never forget the sound of all the clapping that 1st Thursday from our community, that I was very emotional & proud to be British.