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Our Street Outreach Teams are on the frontline of Framework’s mission to tackle homelessness, ill health, disadvantage and exclusion. They are often the first point of contact people sleeping rough have with our services. Teams operate in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Sheffield.

We respond

Being responsive is at the heart of all we do. We are always looking for opportunities to engage with people in need.

The teams are out at 5.00am every day searching office and shop doorways, car parks, graveyards, parkland and other known hotspots to check on the welfare of people sleeping rough, seeking to build relationships and offer practical support.

In the 12 months to the end of March the outreach teams worked with 1,499 people – of whom 56% were sleeping rough for the first time.


A tent and sleeping bags in an underpass used by a couple sleeping rough at night

Building trust and making a difference

Many of the people supported by the Street Outreach Teams have a complex range of needs including mental and physical health needs and substance use.

They may be in crisis due to the breakdown of a relationship, domestic violence, no longer being able to afford their accommodation, or entrenched in a chaotic lifestyle. Sleeping rough, even for a single night, is traumatic.

Regardless of their past, or the challenges they face, we work alongside people to build trust so we can take on those challenges together.

It might take months, even years, from initial contact and the offer of a warm drink engage someone sleeping rough in the support they need.

Read Jack’s story to find out how Framework supports people to thrive, be confident and take control of their lives.


Framework supporters on a Street Outreach Waking Tour in Nottingham
Framework supporters on a Street Outreach Walking Tour in Nottingham

Street Outreach Talk

To help our supporters understand the impact of the Street Outreach Teams, we invited them to café Sobar to meet Sam Lanes, Service Manager for our rough sleeper services in Nottingham.

Sam Lanes explaining the impact of the Nottingham Street Outreach Team in Nottingham
Sam Lanes explaining the impact of the Nottingham Street Outreach Team

Sam Lanes said:

“The reason we are needed is rough sleeping numbers are increasing every day. There’s been a huge difference in numbers in the four years since I started [working for Framework]. On average we see anywhere between 10-20 rough sleepers a day. Our recent head count found 46 people in the city area.

“Primarily, the reason people are homeless is relationship breakdown but we’re seeing over the last few months a whole new cohort of rough sleepers. We’re seeing people who are working full time, people with families, who just can’t afford their rent. We’re starting to see the trickle-down impact of the cost-of-living crisis”.


Framework supporters on a Street Outreach Walking Tour in Nottingham
Framework supporters after a Street Outreach Educational Talk in Nottingham

Vivien, a Framework supporter who attended, said:

“It was good to hear that there is support for those who engage with the team. I didn’t realise that there are such close links with adult social care, the mental health team and physical health care.

“I am still thinking about what it is to be homeless and how easy it is to slip from sofa surfer to rough sleeper – an unfortunate impact of the rising cost of living.

“One thing that will stay with me is the thought of the rough sleeper being hosed down by a council worker as they slept. l will endeavour to show more humanity to everyone, irrespective of status or social situation.”

What can I do if I see someone sleeping rough?

If you see somebody sleeping rough in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire call 0800 066 5356, or in Sheffield call 0800 066 5358, to alert our Street Outreach Teams. Alternatively, you can leave a report here.

How your donations can help people sleeping rough

£5 Provides a hot meal for a rough sleeper
£10 Provides an essential care package for a rough sleeper
£25 Contributes to a support session with a Street Outreach Worker
£29 Can buy a basic mobile phone for a rough sleeper, enabling them to keep in touch with our support services.

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