Thank you for this opportunity to let you all know what’s going on inside of me. I don’t live very comfortably, with feelings and thoughts of the past living inside of me, having to deal with it all constantly. On a day to day basis, thinking ARGHHH! WTF is wrong with me??

Sometimes throwing my arms in the air and feeling I really don’t want to get there. Knocking myself out with different substances for an instant used to help these feelings and thoughts become distant…but they don’t anymore, and my mental health has gotten worse, and I still hold this man in AWE!!

The man who walked out on his family…must have been living with his own agony and mental problems…I now realise, everyone’s got them. Everyone dealing with emotions and losses in life, having to deal with their own pain and strife.

It is how we choose to deal with these problems and the future! So, now I’m doing a voluntary recovery, which is a lot harder than it sounded to me. As I deal with all the physical pain, I can tell you it’s a lot easier than dealing with my brain, which I can’t always shut up and it’s always trying to instruct me, to do various things.

So, I want to say a massive thank you to Framework and Housing First, who have always seen me as more than just a negative outburst. With support workers who have lived and been there themselves – whether it’s drugs drink or mental health – they are helping me regain some spiritual wealth.

Instead of living ‘randomly’, they help get some structure inside of me. Having a chat and a coffee helps me, or going on walks and adventures here and there, they really are trying to help me repair my life, which had become so bleak and made me feel weak, both in body and brain…However, they are helping me maintain some structure in life and to do things right again 🙂

I want to be back in work, and I don’t want to be so bizarre and berserk, so with me these GREAT people work. Helping me to repair my attitude, so I gotta show my gratitude.

THANK YOU, Framework and Housing First – for sticking with me and putting in the work. I’m not always the easiest to deal with daily – still, you stayed with me!! You must see the positives inside of me. So once again…THANK YOU. Colin


About the author
Framework’s Street Outreach Team first contacted Colin when he was sleeping rough. He was referred to Framework’s Housing First team, who found him a home, and since March 2021 he has been successfully housed and supported.

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