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This coming Saturday Framework is taking part in Lincoln Pride.  We are one of the event’s sponsors and look forward to taking part in the parade. We will also have a stall to promote the work we do in Lincolnshire supporting homeless people across the county as well as people at risk of homelessness.

Framework’s values and those of Pride are closely aligned.  We want people to bring their whole selves to work, and the support we offer is based on the individuality and needs of each person we support, whatever their circumstances.

To ensure that these values are upheld in all that we do, our Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) has an important role in celebrating, promoting and supporting diversity.

The DLG champions inclusion and diversity among our staff, service users and working practices. The group works hard to identify areas for development and challenge, knowing there is always work to be done. The group is made up of passionate individuals from across the organisation and is chaired by our Senior HR Business Partner, Sarah Corton:

“I am thrilled that Framework is taking part in Lincoln Pride. Pride is an important and wonderful celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a time to come together, but also a time to educate and raise awareness, which is at the heart of everything the DLG does.

“Framework welcomes people from all backgrounds. We foster a culture of acceptance and encourage everyone to be proud of who they are. We look forward to coming together with the Lincoln community and supporting this fantastic event.”

The idea of taking part in Lincoln Pride came from Kerrianne Heath, a team leader in our Lincolnshire services:

“Pride challenges people to open their mind to different views, beliefs and cultures. At the same time it brings everyone together.

“Since working for Framework it has been a keen interest of mine to use that approach with the people we support: I have worked with a lot of people who feel isolated from the community because they don’t fit into the ‘standard social box’.

“I remember thinking that Pride was an excuse for a party when I lived in London but when I moved to Lincoln I understood the relevance of the history of how Pride started in the USA to challenge homophobia and discrimination, and that the same issues are still going on today in the UK and in lots of places around the world.

“Framework and Lincoln Pride have both become a key part of my values of celebrating diversity, learning from each other and challenging discrimination with change. We support people who struggle with homelessness every day and Lincoln Pride provides a safe space for everyone, whether part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, and gives them an opportunity to be heard and seen in a place that isn’t always as welcoming as it should be.”

You can find out more about Framework’s participation in Lincoln Pride here and if you are in the area please come and support the cause and say Hello!

Claire Eden

Head of Fundraising and Communications