Jack's Story

After leaving care, Jack found himself homeless. A new mobile phone and the provision of secure accommodation have helped him to find a way forward.

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Jack was at rock bottom until a new home and phone enabled him to build a better future

Having grown up in an abusive and neglectful family, Jack was taken into care for his own safety at the age of seven. The nine years that followed were marred by instability, insecurity and loneliness, as Jack moved from foster home to foster home, never really finding any sense of permanency.

After leaving care aged 16, Jack had nowhere to go. His most treasured possession, his mobile phone – which one of his foster carers had bought for him – had broken, and the isolation he’d felt throughout his childhood was about to get worse.

Jack lost contact with the few friends he had made as a child; the friends who were his ‘real family’ and his only constant. With no money, no phone and nowhere to go, Jack was forced to sleep rough.

Cold, hopeless and alone, Jack had truly hit rock bottom when he was found by Framework’s Street Outreach Team, who immediately referred him to Framework’s Transitions service for young people.

Upon arrival, he was given a new phone, which has been a lifeline in helping him to reconnect with friends and search online for college courses. With his own space in a secure and welcoming environment and with the help of his Support Worker, Jack now has the chance to build a better future for himself.

Now enrolled on a course and with a newfound sense of confidence, Jack is only looking forward.

We are aiming to provide mobile phones and internet access for those we support as part of our Lifeline Appeal.  Please donate here if you can, and make a difference that could literally save the life of someone who is sleeping rough.