"It felt like cannabis was taking over my life. Framework helped me to get clean and think positively about the future again."

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‘Cannabis was taking over my life’

“It felt like cannabis was taking over my life. I got very depressed and it became a vicious circle. I became paranoid and more and more disengaged from the outside world. I knew I had to stop but it was an addiction by this point.

“Things started to change for me when I got help from Framework and my support worker. Within eight weeks or so I finally got clean. I had all the anxiety, mood swings and headaches she had warned me about, but I was well prepared for them and knew what to expect.

“I’m looking positively at the future again and engaging with my family again. It really feels like the old Ian is back.

“Before I got help I really didn’t seen any light at the end of the tunnel and without Framework I don’t know where I would be.”