Access to a mobile phone has been life-changing for Charlotte.

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A new mobile phone helped Charlotte rebuild her family relationships and get her life back on track

Charlotte began her rough sleeping journey around three years ago, after the breakdown of a long-term relationship.

Her partner was possessive and he regularly checked her mobile phone to monitor her social contacts, often becoming violent and abusive. Eventually, Charlotte was forced to flee from their home leaving behind all her belongings.

Due to a strained relationship with her mother, who also has custody of her child, she had nowhere else to turn and she found herself on the streets.

To support herself financially, Charlotte became a sex worker and she has battled significant mental health issues throughout her time sleeping rough. Due to a very chaotic lifestyle fuelled by the combination of her addiction, mental health struggles and sex work; Charlotte would often fall out of touch with local services, resulting in regular interruptions to the ongoing support she so urgently needed.

Charlotte’s life changed significantly when a Framework street outreach worker gave her a new mobile phone. Since receiving her phone, she has been able to reconcile with her mother with whom she now has regular calls. She also used the phone to contact social services, and she has even been able to arrange a future visit with her child.

Life on the streets is dangerous, especially for women, so the mobile phone acts as a lifeline for Charlotte, enabling her to contact the police and any other support services she needs, in order to stay safe.

Having access to a phone has enabled her to keep in touch with her case officer at the council, and she is in the process of contacting landlords to look for private rented accommodation. Charlotte is also in regular contact with Framework, who arrange regular mental wellbeing appointments and other life-changing support, to help her get back on her feet.

We are aiming to provide mobile phones and internet access for those we support as part of our Lifeline Appeal.  Please donate here if you can, and make a difference that could literally save the life of someone who is sleeping rough.