After changes were made to her benefits, Angela couldn't get the medication she needed. After receiving help from the Crisis Team, she came to Framework.

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‘After changes to my benefits I was unable to get medication and I had a mental breakdown’

“I was first introduced to Framework through the Crisis Team. After some changes to my benefits, I was unable to get my anti-depression tablets, which resulted in me having a mental breakdown. The Crisis Team arranged my medication and passed me on to Framework for help with claiming the right benefits.

“I was really scared and anxious when Shelley first came to see me but I needn’t have been – she was kind and supportive. Shelley helped get me back into my support group and arranged that I would no longer have to go to regular interviews at the Job Centre. She made all my phone calls, took me to the food bank and when it was time for me to be signed off with Framework she took me to CAB. Shelley was great, always there at the end of the phone to support me.

“She helped me to appeal my Personal Independence Payment claim. After waiting for 18 months I had nearly given up on it, but Shelley wouldn’t let me quit. She made phone call, after phone call and pretty soon I had a court date. On the day I had to attend court I was petrified, but I had learned how to control my feelings and emotions; and I went in there and won. For once in my life, I came out a winner!

“I have asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  I also have arthritis and a trapped nerve in my neck, so I’m in a lot of pain most days. I try and stay active with gardening and I have my dog, Murphy, who keeps me busy. He’s a Springer Spaniel and he always wants to play.

“Since leaving Framework I’ve had to make a few phone calls myself but I always remember how Shelley handled it: I became Shelley while I was on the phone, giving me the confidence I needed.

“I really can’t thank Framework enough. I couldn’t have done it without you, so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much.”