Andy's Story

When Andy was sleeping rough, he had his mobile phone stolen. When Framework provided him with a replacement, he was able to start accessing the support he needed.

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The spiralling cost of living left Andy sleeping rough, until Framework’s Street Outreach Team – and a new mobile phone – came to his rescue

Andy rented the same flat and held down a job as an airport baggage handler for many years. Then one month his landlord increased his rent and around the same time, the cost of his gas and electricity more than doubled. As a consequence, for the first time in his life Andy began to fall behind with his rent and bill payments.

Having no family and no close friends, Andy became depressed. To help relieve the stress, he began drinking heavily and ran up a large credit card bill that he couldn’t repay. Within months he had lost his job and was evicted from his home.

After being evicted, Andy was forced to endure the indignity of sleeping rough, during which time he was attacked and had his mobile phone stolen.

Following one particularly cold night, after he was admitted to casualty when intoxicated and confused, Framework secured Andy a safe place to stay and – crucially – supplied him with a replacement mobile phone. Having a new phone enabled him to keep in touch with his support workers and access online services to apply for benefits and permanent accommodation.

More recently, he has enrolled with a recovery service to address his alcohol problem and has started applying for jobs. Now, filled with a fresh sense of purpose, he is determined to regain his independence and rebuild his life.

We are aiming to provide mobile phones and internet access for those we support as part of our Lifeline Appeal.  Please donate here if you can, and make a difference that could literally save the life of someone who is sleeping rough.