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Amy* is 18 years old.  At the point she was referred to Step Up, she was homeless and sofa surfing following a relationship breakdown with her adopted family. Her benefit claims were processed via her adoptive mother, so she was unable to access financial support.

Amy was accessing accommodation support via another service when she completed her assessment with Step Up. She was very stressed and felt that the type of accommodation she was in did not meet her needs. She also felt unsafe there.

During her assessment with Step Up, it became clear that Amy had a history of living in care. This was raised at an assessment panel which resulted in Amy being identified as a care leaver.  This made her eligible for CASS accommodation. She also received support from the Step Up team, to remove the Appointeeship from her benefits claim, so that it could be paid into her own bank account.

Amy has settled very well into her new accommodation and feels safe. She now attends all of her appointments, has been referred on for appropriate mental health services, and manages her own finances. She is starting to live more independently.

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*Name changed to protect identity.