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We could not be more delighted to hear that the brilliant ‘Beat the Streets’ music festival organised by DHP Family won the Sarah Nulty Community Impact Award at the UK Festival Awards ceremony this week..

This is a tribute to everyone at DHP Family who has been involved in creating and developing this event since 2018.

Even with stiff competition from five other nominees there was reason to believe that ‘Beat the Streets’ would be a strong contender.  The award recognises ‘excellence in community outreach and support’ and ‘festivals that work to actively raise funds or provide opportunities’ for their communities.

Since its launch ‘Beat the Streets’ has always fulfilled these criteria in spades – raising hundreds of thousands of pounds towards accommodation, specialist support and resettlement work for rough sleepers in and around Nottingham.

This in turn has motivated other partners, including local businesses, to join the effort – thus further enhancing the scope and effectiveness of responses to homelessness and rough sleeping.  As a result hundreds of very vulnerable people have benefitted from interventions that respond to their individual needs.

Framework sends its warmest congratulations to our friends at DHP Family, with thanks to them and the hundreds of bands, solo artists, technicians, stewards and administrators who have so generously given their time and talent over the past five years.  Without them ‘Beat the Streets’, and this wonderful recognition for its achievements, would not have been possible.

The festival is a hugely popular focus for those who are raising awareness of homelessness and encouraging the public to contribute towards tackling it.  We look forward to sharing the excitement of ‘Beat the Streets’ again on Sunday 29 January 2023 and to joining the celebration of this very well-deserved accolade.

For more on this exciting news, read the blog on DHP’s website where you will also find initial programme information and how to book for the 2023 edition of ‘Beat the Streets’. Don’t miss it!