Volunteer Benefits

Our commitment to you

We empower people from all walks of life to volunteer at Framework by providing a range of universal benefits.

Travel expenses

It’s not right that people who volunteer should end up out of pocket for doing so. That’s why we pay our volunteers’ travel expenses. For some people this is just a matter of convenience, but we know others would simply be unable to participate without this.

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Support with care costs

Some of our volunteers have children or are carers, which means they can struggle to take us up on the opportunities we provide.  That’s why we make a contribution towards care costs when people decide they want to volunteer with us.

Lunch expenses

If volunteers are giving their time to help us, providing them with something to eat is the very least we can do. That’s why we pay our volunteers an allowance for lunch.

Training opportunities

We work with people who are experiencing huge challenges in their lives – from homelessness and social exclusion to substance abuse and mental ill-health. That’s why we allow our volunteers access to the very same extensive training programme that we offer to our staff.

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Work experience

Volunteering at Framework can help people experience life in a professional workplace – sometimes for the very first time. This helps our volunteers to boost their confidence, and can also give them a recent work history that will help with future job prospects.

Being part of the Framework family

We’re a big and diverse organisation with a lot of different specialist services. We know how confusing this can be, which is why we provide all our volunteers with a similar  induction process to that which we give to our paid staff.

A bespoke experience

Volunteering at Framework is all about you! Because we want you to get the very most out of your time with us, we will devise a programme of volunteering that is tailored to your skills and experiences.


Above all volunteering at Framework is about opportunities for you to do and try different things in a supportive, friendly and (even) fun environment. You can come with a specific goal in mind, or you see where the experience takes you. We are confident you won’t regret it.