Brighter Futures

Appeal Ends:
31 January 2014

For most of us, Christmas is a time of warmth, celebration and cheer. Sadly, it is less happy for many of the people we work with. Indeed, it can be associated with loneliness, isolation and exclusion.

Framework does all it can to make local homeless and vulnerable people feel thought of at this time of year. A donation of just £10 to buy a Christmas gift or meal for one of the people we support can ensure that someone you don't know feels part of Christmas and everything it means.  The impact may well be an enduring one.   

Article inset 2   cropOf course, Christmas is not just about food and gifts. Throughout the festive season and in the year to come we will continue to work with people in a wide range of circumstances.Public support is vital. Your £10 could:

  • Provide some of the basic essentials needed when someone with few possessions moves in to a home of their own – because four walls alone is not enough.
  • Help a sick or lonely person to keep vital appointments – such as a hospital appointment or even a visit to their estranged family.
  • Open the route to volunteering – an important step back to working life.
  • Let us answer the emergency calls of two rough sleepers and give immediate help.

So this year, make a long-lasting impact on one of the people we support and give somone a brighter future.

By choosing to give regularly, if you can, you will enable us to work as cost effectively as possible.  Small regular donations are predictable.  They add up quickly and allow us to plan long-term projects that really do change lives.

Donate £10.00