Break The Cycle

Appeal Ends:
31 July 2019

More than 80% of homeless young people have a diagnosed mental health problem. 18% have attempted suicide.

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Shocking statistics, but not surprising when you stop and think.

  •  Imagine if you had grown up in a home where drug use was the norm.
  • Imagine if your parents subjected you to years of physical and sexual abuse.
  • Imagine moving from one foster family to another, never having a place to call home.

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Break the Cycle here... ButtonWe are working with increasing numbers of young people, who have seen and done things that most adults cannot comprehend. But lengthy waiting times in mental health services mean that many young people today are trapped in a cycle of homelessness, which is why we urgently need your support now. 

Your gift can help us provide:

  • A safe and supportive environment for homeless young people
  • The support of a professional psychologist to address childhood trauma
  • Day trips and opportunities to engage in positive healthy activities
  • Practical advice and life-skills training


Sara has worked with homeless young people for a long time. In this moving video she explains just how much trauma they have often been exposed as children.  


Please donate today and help us end the cycle of homelessness for our young people.

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