Shrievalty Donation - Fundraising with Nicholas Ebbs

Appeal Ends:
30 April 2019

A year in partnership

It is a great privilege to hold the office of High Sheriff. In addition to fulfilling all its ancient ceremonial duties I will be using the unique opportunities which the role provides to make a difference in tackling some of the challenges faced by people in Nottinghamshire today.

To achieve this I am making a connection with a variety of causes but I have chosen the charity Framework as my particular partner.

It is hard to imagine anything worse than being without a home and we are all painfully aware of the increasing problem of homelessness as demonstrated by the greatly increased numbers of people sleeping rough.

The Nottingham-based charity Framework is well known for making a positive difference to people’s lives and I look forward to becoming familiar with its work and assisting in a variety of ways. Please join me on my journey with Framework in helping to tackle homelessness and supporting vulnerable people across our

Donate any amount you desire by firstly clicking the button below. Thank you. 

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