Christmas Challenge

Appeal Ends:
6 January 2019

Physical and mental illness affects all the street homeless people Framework meets. As people are prone to attack, cold and damp weather, have no access to hygienic conditions and often lack the materials needed to clean and redress wounds, it means they are vulnerable to deteriorating health and infection.

We believe this work is so important to the wellbeing of rough sleepers that we have employed a nurse named Suzey as part of our Street Outreach Team specially to help rough sleepers.

It can be very challenging because I am often called on to carry out nursing procedures on people in the early hours of the morning in the dark. I will take stitches out and dress wounds from surgery in unimaginable locations, where it is very hard to create a clean environment. As a nurse I want to give people the very best possible care so it can be very upsetting to see people in those circumstances. I carry all of my nursing equipment with me in a hiking backpack and I can create a clean field just about anywhere, but things can become increasingly challenging when I need to assess and treat someone in the pouring rain for instance.

Suzey Joseph, Street Outreach Nurse

Improving the health of people on the streets is a big part of preparing people to feel able to get off the streets. For this vital work to continue and provide a social worker to enhance the care we can give on the streets then we must raise £85,000.  Please join us in our Christmas Challenge by donating what you can via the button below.

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