Rob Wilmot

Rob Poster

Name: Wilmot, Rob
Occupation: Director, BCS Agency
Home town: Doncaster
Crime: "Claiming that Robin Hood is from Yorkshire"
Plea: Guilty
Bail: £1,000
Chances of getting off: he will be lucky not to be lynched

Rob, Director at BCS, will be up in front of the Beak AGAIN for claiming that Notts folk hero Robin Hood was actually from Yorkshire. It’s clear that Rob, who has a restraining order banning him from going within 500 yards of the Major Oak, has not learned the painful lessons of last year’s Jail & Bail and needs reminding in the strongest possible terms of his folly.

See below to listen just some of his ramblings. Text ROBW13 £5  to 70070 to set him free.


Additional evidence has been received...

It appears that Mr Wilmot does not appreciate the full seriousness of what he stands accused of. He'll be laughing on the other side of his face when he comes face to face with our judge.


In the dock