Adam Bird

Adam Poster

Name: Bird, Adam
Occupation: Co-founder & director, Esendex
Home town: Nottingham
Crime: "The gratuitous wearing of Lycra in a public space"
Plea: Not guilty
Bail: £1,000
Chances of getting off: as tight as his shorts...and they are tight.

Adam Bird, co-founder and director of Esendex, is a keen cyclist and has been charged with the extremely unpleasant offence of gratuitously wearing Lycra in a public space. He is pleading not guilty but, frankly, he’ll be lucky to avoid a five year stretch.

Watch him plead his case by clicking below. If you want to see him again text ADAM13 £5  to 70070


Shoking new evidence!!!

This was taken this monring by a shocked member of staff and seems to show the accused stretching luxuriously (dare we say gratuitously) in a pair of lycra shorts. We thank our Esendex mole for sharing!

Adam Bird this morning

In the dock