Adrenaline / Additional Challenges

24 May 2018
Start Date
24 May 2018, Dates TBC

Perhaps you know the feeling all too well: Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and you are so excited. If you are a thrill – seeker and have that rush of excitement when you hear the word adrenaline, look no further we have some activities to fuel that fire.

Sky Dives

sky dive

Do you want that rush of a lifetime whilst supporting Framework? We have access to Skydives all across the country, you and your friends could sign up today. Locations and prices vary. If you would like to know more please contact the Fundraising team.

Bungee Jumps


Are you a dare devil and would like to have a go at a Bungee jump? Why not sign up today? We have access to access to hundreds of jumps across the country, each vary in price. For more information visit

Walks and Treks

There are over 80 adventures across the UK, Europe, & Overseas that you can sign up to NOW. Including Isle of Wight Challenge or the famous Peak District Trek. You can take part in these challenges either in groups or individually this is entirely up to you. Each event various in price which will entail a small registration fee and a sponsorship target. For more information visit   


For more information

If you are interested to take part in any of these activities or would like more information contact the Fundraising team - or phone 0115 970 9553