Simon Taylor

Simon Poster

Name: Taylor, Simon
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, The Nottingham
Home town: Leeds
Crime: "Diet Coke related delusions"
Plea: Guilty
Bail: £1,000
Chances of getting off: None...he's admitted it. He will have plenty of time to pump iron where he's going...

Simon, Chief Operating Officer at the Nottingham Building Society, genuinely believes that by drinking upwards of eight tins of Diet Coke a day (five pints or so in old money) that he will one day appear in one the iconic “Diet Coke Break” TV adverts.

Simon, who was handed into us by his concerned colleagues, reckons that by downing just a tad more of the delicious golden-brown nectar he will one day drive the horticulturally minded women of his home-town Leeds wild by stripping off his shirt and mowing the lawn.

We’re not making this up...see his video for more details. If you really do want to see him mowing a lawn near you then text SIMT13 £5  to 70070


In the dock