Mark Hands

Mark Poster

Name: Hands, Mark
Occupation: Director, Alea Casino & Marco Pierre White
Home town: Nottingham
Crime: "Eating all the Marco Pierre White pies"
Plea: Not guilty
Bail: £1,000
Chances of getting off: May have to get used to bunk beds and eating gruel...

Mark, Director at Alea Casino and Marco Pierre White, has been charged with eating all the Marco Pierre White Pies. He is pleading not guilty but his protestations of innocence are unlikely to impress our semi-sober judge His Honour Lord Justice Guilty as Charged, who is well known for enjoying a tipple at the bench and is also a militant vegan who hates all things pie related.

Watch him plead his crusty case below and, if you want to see him again, text MARK13 £5  to 70070


Hang on a minute...what's this? Additional evidence has been recieved...


In the dock