Gateway to Nature

Gateway to Nature is a project open to people living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, over the age of 18, who are disadvantaged by barriers such as a lack of information, social isolation, loss of confidence or health or transport problems.

  • We provide opportunities to access green and natural spaces and aim to help people overcome the barriers they may face in getting into and enjoying nature.
  • Activities we provide include walking, conservation, wildlife spotting, growing food, arts and crafts in nature, and drumming outdoors, to name a few.
  •  Getting out into nature is proven to be of benefit in reducing depression and anxiety and helping people to progress in their recovery.

Our film shows how Gateway to Nature has helped people to feel better and improve their mental health:



Gateway to Nature publishes a new activities programme every two months, we run a weekly session on each of our allotment in St Anns and the Gateway to Nature Drum Club convenes on the last Friday of the Month.

Taking Part

If you think Gateway to Nature could support you and you would like to take part in the events and trips, or you would like to find out more details about how to get involved or volunteer with Gateway to Nature, please call the team on 0115 970 9591 or email

To take part please complete a referral form or ask a support worker from Framework to do this for you.  Download the Gateway to Nature referral form here and email it to us at:

About the Project

Gateway to Nature is based in Framework and was initially funded by a grant from Access to Nature. We work closely with other community groups, organisations and custodians of green spaces.  This allows us to offer a wide range of nature related opportunities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to people who would otherwise struggle to access them.  We run successfully thanks to the hard work and commitment of our wonderful volunteers.

The writer Robert Macfarlane is the patron of this project.

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